Friday, July 27, 2007

Please Support SL's Annual Relay For Life...

Tomorrow, Saturday July 28, at 2 pm PDT The annual Relay for Life in SL will be held, a 24 hrs event across 32 sims.

Nicky Ree and Shai Delacroix among other designers have put in their stores one day only releases today so please show your support and stop in an pick them up.

Over 27 Million Linden have been raised to date, so come out and help the fight against this terrible disease.

The Scheduling for the event is as follows:

Second Life's Third Annual Relay For Life 2007brought to you by the 2007 SLRFL Teams, Designers, and their Supporters
For Information: T1 Radio is broadcasting SLRFL Live RFL Entertainment Centers have repeaters for those not able to enter a ceremony sim Sailing For Life, SLRFL Entertainment Centers, and SLRFL Fishing have Independent Schedules. Please check with each area for updates.
2:00 PM Opening Ceremony (Ceremony Center) Opening Remarks - Jade Lily Comments from ACS Representative - RC Moss Guest Speaker Instructions for Preceeding Lap - Christopher Sterling 3:00 Survivor / Caregiver Lap
4:00 Relay Attire
6:00 Hats and Boots
7:00 Mr. and Ms. Relay For Life 2007 Pageant (time may change listen to T1 for updates)
8:00 Barefoot
9:00 Luminaria / Ceremony of Hope (Ceremony Center) - Poppy Zabelin
9:30 Fireworks
11:00 Crazy Hair
12:00 AM Midnight Madness * Fireworks PAJAMA PARTY (pjs must be pg) 1:00
2:00 Something to Represent your Country
4:00 Beach Wear (pg please)
6:00 Bald and Beautiful
8:00 Formal and Tux
10:00 AM Closing Ceremony (formal attire) (Ceremony Center) Thank Yous from a Survivor - Candy Antonelli Awards Presentations '07 SLRFL Top Four Fundraising Teams - Fayandria Foley '07 SLRFL Survivor Awards - Poppy Zabelin '07 SLRFL Designer Awards - Christopher Sterlind Closing Remarks - Fayandria Foley 11:00 AM FIREWORKS (accross all 32 sims)

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