Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Official!!

When I logged in yesterday I was informed I was the winner of the Bud Select/Stuff Magazine Lingerie Legends Contest! I was very happy and excited and we did the photo shoot for the two page spread in the upcoming issue of Second Style Magazine last night. Camilla Yousuke of Insolence was kind enough to give me two of her lovely lingerie sets in White to choose from for the shoot and she even stopped in for a bit during the session!

Later Graciana McMillan joined in the session and we ended up a fun filled night in voice chat and dancing with cows attached to us! Trust me, you haven't lived until you dance in a field with your friends in your underwear with a cow attached to you! :-D Special thanks to Celebrity Trollop for taking the time do the photos. On a side note, do check out tomorrow AvaStar! I'm featured on the cover and as a centerfold in tomorrow's issue.


Ana Lutetia said...


Carissa said...

Congratulations Scarlett!! You're gorgeous and you SO deserved it!! I was rooting for you at the very first competition.

CLASSY prevails!! YAY!


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