Monday, August 13, 2007

Today's Outfit Part Deux....

Since my extremely large hat was not very condusive to a shopping trip, I changed into this fabulous number for my grid hopping. The top is the same but I added the bottom of the Ascot Dress from Sirena's Hair & Fashions, and shorted it to knee length. I then paired the tights from Paper Couture's red baby outfit, necklace from Paper Couture's Falsetta layered gown and gloves from Vindi's Gone With The Wind Rouge Gown. Add my new favorite hair, ETD's Madeline II in Platinum (unreleased) and Lovey's Skin in Chai with Bubblegum makeup and I'm ready to go forth and shop!


Arianna Psaltery said...

Another winner! I'm definitely getting that outfit!

Ana Lutetia said...

Classy, as usual! <3


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