Friday, May 9, 2008

Fashion Frames Show Review With Photos!!

I styled my very first show with InStyle Fashion Agencies Fashion Frames Show!! From skins to shoes, I went on a massive shopping trip at 6 different stores for 20 complete looks for the show.

Many thanks to the fabulous Nancy Jie and Kylie Gears for being wonderful and fun and giving me this opportunity which I had a blast doing!

Special thanks to the as beautiful as they are professional models - Anessa Stine, Cherie Parker, Giela Delpaso, Isabel Brocco, Payton Heron, Poptart Lilliehook, SerinaJane Loon and Summer Deadlight and Teena Basevi. You all were awesome!

(Reprint from Rosie Shark of SLNN.COM)

MHA COMMERCIAL CITY - Tuesday, InStyle Fashion Agency debuted their creative approach to more conventional fashion shows – Fashion Frames. The show, featuring the designs and creations of Alexandar Vargas, Calico Ingmann, Digit Darkes, Kuranosuke Kamachi, Megg Demina and Minnu Palen was well-received by an enthusiastic crowd.
Like most fashion shows, Fashion Frames consists of quality designer content showcased by beautiful models displayed against a complimentary backdrop. Unlike most fashion shows, Fashion Frames utilizes different sets and storytelling to set the tone for the style and fashion of the modern woman in all her complexities.
The square room, lined on all four sides by stages, centered around all-sided seating in the middle of the room. Choosing my seat, I had to worry that I might miss something by picking the wrong side. But not to fear! The careful team behind InStyle had thought to include tips and suggestions in order to view the show more easily… such as suggested sun settings and where to direct your camera.
Raising the curtain on Stage 1, the audience was treated to the detailed setting of businesswomen waiting at the bus stop in a bustling commercial environment. Narrated by Kylie Gears – CEO of InStyle, the story here focused on hard-working women and their thoughts and concerns about public transportation, environmental concerns and life in general.
Given a glimpse inside the conversations of these women, you can’t help but admire their intelligence and quick wit, all expressed while being dressed and styled –fabulously of course- for the part.
Following the narration of each setting displayed, the models in the scene would come to center stage to pose, one at a time, in order to properly spotlight the creations they so expertly displayed. Looks were put together, complimenting the designs expertly, by blogger, InSyle Fashion Agency Top Model, and stylist Scarlett Niven.

This formula for splashing the alluring fashions across photographic scenes and amidst witty narration reflecting the views of women in today’s world was repeated throughout the other three stages. Giving the audience not only the chance to feast their eyes on the offered goods, but also a glimpse into the world these impeccably groomed women inhabit.
Featuring clothing designs by Digit Darkes and skins by Minnu Palen of MM Skins, we were given a fly-on-the-wall look at these intriguing women as they exchanged confidences in a bedroom the night of the bachelorette party for one of their own, on her last night of freedom – the conversation and inner voice here calling forth the spirit of Bridget Jones herself.
Accessorized with the baubles created by Alexandar Vargas of Alexander Fine Jewelry and hair by Calico Ingmann of Calico Creations, the “desperate work wives” gathered after a funeral to exchange petty verbal barbs and admire each other. In the full swing of her party to celebrate her last night of freedom, we are given a glimpse into the bride-to-be’s cold feet fear of being caged and the shocking announcement that another of their flock as chosen to take the plunge too… two down and three to go, they seem to figure as they wiggle their Kuranosuke Kamachi (of DeLa) shoed feet and adjust their Megg Demina (Chapeau tres Mignon) hats.
The item making it to the top of my “unofficial and not related to actually working” shopping list was the Antiqua Set (outfit by Digit Darkes pictured) which has been covered extensively, but is gorgeous nonetheless. Overall the offerings of the featured designers were fabulous and well used in this show.
Kylie Gears, CEO and President for InStyle, was kind enough to offer me a sammich and the answers to some of my questions. Who comes up with these wonderful ideas? “We all do everything together... it's like a couple,” Gears says, “Nancy + Kylie = InStyle”. Nancy Jie, InStyle Founder and Owner, and Gears partner to run the different aspects of InStyle’s business.
“Today I had a show, Nancy was not online, as soon as the show finished, I called her and explained everything,” says Gears. “We work with Teena Basevi. She is very close to us… she is the builder with her husband Rewdace. When we do have ideas we work to see how it can be in "infrastructure"… how can it work "technically" ... which stage will be ok for this or [that] idea.” The team is currently working together on ideas for Fashion Frames 2.

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