Monday, June 30, 2008

New Hair Releases For Aoharu Hair**

Yesterday while chatting at my home with Aoharu shops creator, Machang Pichot, she mentioned she just did a big new hair release that day. Lucky for me, she was generous enough to ask me to try them and I excitedly agreed. I've worn many of Machang's styles in past months, particularly in my Videozine, ScarlettCast. After visiting her sim to purchase the awesome ice cream dress and hoodie she made, I found her hair styles to be unique and textures and colors to be fresh and true. Her sim is modern yet retains a lovely femininity, so do yourself a big favor and look around after off loading your lindens!! Machang has an extensive and very wearable hair collection. Fat packs in a myriad of colors are available, so there is something for everyone. A short video depicting 360 degree views is below. Some beautiful braids and buns I definitely wanted you to see and is lost when just front view pictures of styles are shown. I am wearing the Honey shade in all. :-)

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