Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ScarlettCast@Digital Image - July,2008 Available Now!!

Whew! Finally finished July's installment! Was a complete labor of love. This month I visit Helena Compton's shop, +Plus, visit with and tour CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim, Rouge. My Musts Haves takes a look at hair & make up, one shoulder dresses and light-hearted fashion looks. In my Housewares & Houses segment I review the designer homes, furniture and art of Anatine & Tenk, then take you on a summer vacation fashion journey on SL's Isle of Capri complete with music from Almartino, musician & composer from Capri Island Italy.
You also meet my July's My Favorite Look winner, Stormy Skinstad.
I hope the over 1,000 of you that have subscribed to ScarlettCast in the past month enjoy this installment and the ScarlettCast giftball for July.
Special thanks to SL machinima icon, Moo Money for mentoring me and encouraging me! She is awesome and funny and I'm proud to have her as a friend. Subscribeomatics location listings are here and growing daily! If you are a shop owner and would like one or would like to be considered to be featured on ScarlettCast, please drop me a notecard with your details.
Special drawing winners this month are as follows:
5,000L gift certificates each from Isolence - Sinead McMillian & Jewels Gothly
Five (5) Of The Scarlett Lingerie in Pink (not for sale) from Insolence will be given to:
Cristie kamachi, EvaMarie Constantine, Titania Tigerpaw, Zoie Kurrajong & Ava Hart
The Lotus Mansion from Anatine & Tenk Designs - Syler Morgwain
Artwork from Anatine & Tenk Designs - artfashionmusic Pinazzo
Outfit From Elate! - Charlotte Dyrssen
500L shopping spree at +Plus - Milani Tedeschi & Erielle Deschanel
I will be notify all of you and drop your prizes on you in-world in the next day. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a notecard!! New subscribers, don't forget to retrieve the 25 piece 4th of July holiday weekend bikini gift ball from the subscribeomatic vendor. All gifts will remain in the vendors for new subscribers. I've commissioned a hat (only available through ScarlettCast) to be made for you all next month along with many other gifts! My friend Fana Dechou is creating a programmable TV which will be in August's giftball, so you can watch ScarlettCast in-world as well. Enjoy!!

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