Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Patio Set At Absinthe-Minded Patio & Pottery!!

Absinthe Primrose of Absinthe-Minded Pottery and Patio has released a fabulous new patio set! We have her awesome new sets on one of our patio terraces on our home. To celebrate I am giving 5 copies to the last 5 people who subscribed to ScarlettCast! in Absinthe's shop on Skyridge! Enjoy your new patio set! Any questions please contact Absinthe Primrose via notecard, she will more than happy to help you! Congrats to the winners! 1. Jelly Supply 2. Rosabella Fredriksson 3. Alianna Logan 4. Anji Mars 5. Cynthia Maruti ENJOY!

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