Monday, December 1, 2008

Tweedy strolling

I’ve been feeling in the mood for wearing fall/winter appropriate tweed clothes lately for my relaxing walks through the city streets. My thought was to put together a sweet yet bon ton outfit for this post. I started with the N i V E N tweed skirt, which comes in a delicious purple and has a really exquisite and realistic texture. The whole tweed suit is really chic and the skirt comes with a flexi part as well, so you can wear as a straight skirt or a longer one with more movement. I preferred not to use the flexi part of the skirt, to keep the whole outfit as pared down as possible. This suit is definitely one of my favorites of The N i V E N collection. I matched the skirt with a blouse with wide sleeves and a scarf. It is wonderful when you have an idea of an outfit in your mind and then you find it exactly as you imagined it in a store. It happens to me often, and this time was the Joanie blouse in black by MichaMi. It comes with gloves and a scarf too! I used them to complete my look. It really goes along well with the tweed. I particularly love the scarf and the sleeves as I mentioned before, which all together make it a unique, classy style. I then added for a sweet, casual element, a black headband from Sirena and the bow from the tweed N i V E N suit. I also am wearing the matching shoes! This is a plus because as you all Fashionistas surely know, sometimes is hard to find some shoes with the same shade of a piece of clothing. I really didn't want to use black shoes because the tights are in black. So thanks to Scarlett Niven who made this brilliant thought! I loved the texture of the Crochet tights by BF, but as they were footless and I wanted something a little longer so I used a part of the sculpted socks by Maitreya. I then gave the look a finished girly flair with the lovely sculpted anklets, also from Maitreya. Finally, I am wearing earrings, a previous group gift by CS, with some platinum and some gold in it, and the blossom bag by Paper Couture, a really bon ton that adds a touch of sophisticated chic to whatever you wear! Ciao for now! Credits: Body: Skin: New York Sunkissed Make up 2 by MMS Eyes: Soul eyes blue 7 by MADesigns Lashes: Photoshoot II lashes by MMS Hair: Nikki in Chocolate by Aoharu Outfit: Headband: Zoey headband by Sirena Blouse, gloves and scarf: Joanie in black by MichaMi Skirt, Suit bow and Shoes: Purple tweed suit by N i V E N (reopening) Tights: Crochet footless tights by !BF! tinted in black by me Socks: Black Sculpted socks by Maitreya Anklets: Black sculpted anklets by Maitreya Bag: The Blossom Bag in Noir by Paper Couture Earrings: Previous Gift - Week of love, day 5 - Eliza Boho Dangle earrings by (CS)

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