Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Resort/Couture Mood

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, the Summer 2009 line of
The Niven Collection has been released. I know it has now been a
couple of weeks since this happened,but well, I really had to take
time to recover from the hyperventilation it caused
me. First of all, the brilliant idea of dividing it into
the Couture Collection and the Resort Collection, pleased me a lot:
I'm the kind of person who loves a lot being
realistic in whatever job you do in SL, and that was really
the first time I saw in SL that division for a haute couture line
(for not to speak about the shop: I really appreciated a lot Scarlett's
effort of making it so simple but real, and count every prim to be able
to use prim mannequins and lovely prim decorations); then, I just had
to style all the outfits like every fashion lover would have done after
having in her inventory such an amazing Collection.
The first outfit I want to present is the Burn Rubber Blue Dress,
which I slightly mixed with another one, the Sea Blue Aztec Resort
Dress, where the chest prim comes from. The reason of my choice is
very simple: I love the white/blue combination, which I always wear
and use during the summer in RL too. I love the way this outfit
can be minimal and yet very classy and chic, thing that makes it
just suitable for both a walk on the beach (if worn maybe without gloves)
or a cocktail summer party with friends.

The hair is also from the Niven Collection, a fatpack of colours
can be bought for a very cheap price and the product is really a
quality one: I think is a really unique updo, and just matches my
style perfectly.
The exotic touch that the chest prim from the Aztec dress gives it,
made it perfect to be worn with a lovely flower headpiece, that
this time I got from Paper Couture: I just love it because comes in
different colours and can also be modifiable, and I played all the time
with transparencies, watching the effect it gave to the dress.
The loop earrings are also from Paper Couture, as once there I could not
help but buying a bit of everything, while the shoes are from L+R+W:
usually I don't like much prim feet because of the Flintstones effect it
gives to avatars, even if perfectly shaded and with a billion colour options.
Sometimes I just found them innatural.
These ones, by the way, look really lovely: the foot and the toes are not
too big or rubber-looking, and the whole result is very delicate and not
See you at the next post!

Skin: Moon in blue by Redgrave
Hair: Niven Couture hair in blond cuivre
Lashes: Volumen lashes by Lelutka

Outfit: Burn Rubber Blue Dress by The Niven Collection
Chest Prim Piece: Sea Blue Aztec Shaw Collar By The Niven Collection
Headpiece: Part of Frida Hair pack by Paper Couture
Shoes: Venus in White by L+R+W
Earrings: Oversized Loop Earrings by Paper Couture

Pic credit: Cala Rossini


Scarlett Niven said...

Lovely look, Dahlia!

Dahlia Joubert said...

Thanks, it's because of your fabulous creations!


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