Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bogart's Hunt

Just a little post about a hunt I organised at Bogart's: think it worths a visit due to the quality gifts the designers of the sim provided, and not freebies. They are all exclusives, or also some of their latest releases full priced in their shops but given out as gifts here. The total value of the gifts is 11000$L. Quite a deal, right? Here is the official text of the hunt: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that a wonderful hunt at Bogart's will go on until August the 2nd! Are you tired of all those stressing hunts around the grid, where you have to explore thousands of mq around more than a sim? Well, this time you can make it enjoying some lovely jazz music from our Martiniinthemorning radio station (which you can also listen to on the web, at, live singers, events, and meanwhile receiving lots of really great gifts provided by our amazing designers, surely some among the most fine ones over all Second Life. Those who joined the hunt, hiding around Bogart's sim some really special and exclusive designs or some VERY new releases that in store are regularly priced, for a total value of 11000$L, are: @ DESIGN *Bliss Couture* *Boutique Lovely* *OC* - Orage Creations *QQ Fashion* *VelvetRythms* Angels Anubis Style BnW Design's by Yahaira Diamond Dreams Jewellery Evie's Closet G&T Creations Gold In The Night Hipnose Innuendo Morea Style My Precious Revnik Sartoria T.V. Creations Tomato House V-Fashion Zuri's Jewels The RULES are very simple: • Teleport to Bogart's Jazz Club sim, Levy, by taking this limousine: • Join Bogart's Jazz Club Group if you wish by following this address you can easily type in local chat and then click on, or by requesting the host/hostess inside the club on his/her shift to add you: secondlife:///app/group/4854dcf1-5728-0b4a-6f09-41bd27df2c16/about • Go around the sim shops and around the club, and its terrace, and find the little champagne bottles hidden with your exclusive gifts inside it. Please remember, in case you go inside the club to do the hunt, *respect its FORMAL dress code* and wear a gown or cocktail dress, or a nice tuxedo. • For any questions, feel free to send a notecard to Dahlia Joubert. You will be answered as soon as possible! • Have fun! Reah Barnes - Bogart's CEO Queen Watanabe - Bogart's Manager Dahlia Joubert - Bogart's Event Manager" And here there are some pics I took wearing the gifts that you can find in the bottles. Hint: Diamond Dreams Jewellery, G&T Designs and Hipnose put two bottles around! @ DESIGN Unisex Gift - Bogart's Hunt *Bliss Couture* - Shine Swimsuit (Bag and cuffs not included) - Bogart's Hunt *Boutique Lovely* - Wish - red Satin Mini Dress - Bogart's Hunt *OC* - White Lace Joy - Bogart's Hunt *QQ Fashion* - Siren Fuxia - Bogart's Hunt *VelvetRythms* - Aphrodite Kuki (comes with two skirts options and a bolero too) - Bogart's Hunt Angels - Juicy Ankle Boot Burn orange shoes - option with or without sexy AO included - Bogart's Hunt Anubis Style - Devil Gown - Bogart's Hunt BnW - *Pure Poison* - Silver high heel pumps - Bogart's Hunt Design's by Yahaira - Lavender Lilly Flowers brooch - Bogart's Hunt Diamond Dreams Jewellery - Delicate Gold Chain with Open Heart Pendant and Men's Diamond Signet Ring in Titanium - Bogart's Hunt Evie's Closet - Isolde Midnight Gown - Bogart's Hunt G&T Creations - Ying and Yang blue and pink female and male necklace, blue female shirt and yellow male shirt - Bogart's Hunt Gold in the night - Asasha Gown - Bogart's Hunt Hipnose - Modelo 300 and Modelo 294 - Bogart's Hunt Innuendo - *Lemon* (bolero not included) - Bogart's Hunt Morea Style - Meli Gown - Bogart's Hunt My Precious - Diana in purple - Bogart's Hunt Revnik - Day n Nite - Bogart's Hunt Sartoria - Roma suit - Bogart's Hunt TV Creations - Leopard print handbag and Pearl Twist ring - Bogart's Hunt Tomato House - Pink Long Dress - Bogart's Hunt V-Fashion - April Ball Gown Baby Pink - Bogart's Hunt Zuri's Jewels - Sapphire Earrings - Bogart's Hunt A special thank you goes to Andrew Laguna who helped me displaying male items. So grab the SLurl to Bogart's Jazz Club and happy hunting! Hugsss! <3 Dahlia


Laura said...

Hi, i know this is annoying, but could you give me some clues about where the pink dress and the fairy like one are, i've been in bogarts for hours by now and still don't get them... i'd really appreciate if you do.

LaJuSa Galicia

Bogarts said...

Not annoying at all! Imming you in-world! :)



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