Monday, July 20, 2009

Polka Dot Sophistication

photos and text by: Bliss Windlow A serious day in the city. Ok it is true the 80’s influence that is winding its way back into fashion on the runway has reason to give pause and even for authoring the semi queasy feeling in our stomachs. Unlike this new generation, those of us who braved our way through the 80’s … already have the advantage of perspective. We know no matter how hot we thought we looked at the time, the wine-infusing “snorking” that has gone on as girlfriends reviewed said photos have caused emotional damage beyond repair. It wasn’t pretty 10 years down the road!!! They promise us the “idea” of the 80’s will be paired with “lessons learned” so while the 80’s gave us shoulder pads big enough to make their way onto your local football field .. these shoulders will be emphasized and heightened without the bulk. We shall see. Part of the trend involves the return of polka dots and while they never were my favourite – I do have a soft spot for black and white polka-dots done right, like in this outfit I picked up recently from Morea Style.
The belted flirty skirt takes it beyond just another mini skirt and adds some style and structure. I like the long off shoulder arms with the repeated ruffles in the top and the sexy playfulness of the bare midriff. A great shoulder bag, some sandals, not too high when a girl has some serious shopping in mind, and a great hair. I love this new style from Xplosion hair with the color option scarf and with or sans the hair jewels.
It’s amazing when you work really really hard at it –you can actually achieve the look of just having "thrown" everything on with no effort – an “accidental fashioning!!!!”
SKIRT SET: Morea Style - Collection MOREA STYLE *IRINA* - $225L EARRINGS: Tavo Vella Formals - TV Silver Disc – huge set of jewellery for $100L SHOES: Dark Mouse - DM Buckle Chunk Sandal – Black - unknown HAIR: Xplosion - *X*plosion Hair *Kayli* (Onyx)- $360L SKIN: League - *League* Skin Medium -Misty- Fatpack – Smoky LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift

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