Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage Egypt

Egyptian delights are definitely a trend this year, and in SL a lot of attention has been brought to them since the “Call of the Nile” fashion show in Rezzable. I could say the same for laces and vintage taste, so much that here in Rome there has also been an exhibit in the past few months at “Museo Napoleonico” of the old nineteenth century laces by Arnaldo Caprai.

The new collection of Patrizia Blessed, designer of Ardigraf, follows these trends with the accuracy of an expert taylor, bringing them originality and uniqueness with her new releases, which I am going to show.

Maruska is a lovely cocktail dress with a really special design and a great attention to details. The perfect matching of gold and green make this outfit perfect for summer evenings: the bodice presents an amazing work done on the cleavage, with golden silk lines reaching the neck and matching with those on the top, while the handcrafted skirt made of frills not just pasted on a textures, but patiently drawn one by one make the dress alive, with its natural flowing, and just realistic. Moreover, the belt and the scarf are a real touch of elegance: the former is made sophisticated by the gold inserts, while the latter, pure silk of an iridescent green, with knots on the shoulder and two little back tails, make you nearly look like a goddess while walking.

The hair I chose to match to these outfits is all from Pocket Mirrors: here I am wearing the Ofelia hair in reddish, as I was looking for something really simple, that could not take the eyes from the outfit, but that at same time was outstanding and could confirm the elegance of the whole look (this is something I love about Alair’s creations in general).

The jewellery is instead from Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia: the earrings from the Vain Set are perfect thanks to the green and blue pearls embedded on golden leaves, while the FLORA topaz ring is elegant but not too sober thanks to the white and blue little pearls.

Ambar is another beautiful day gown that confirms the designer’s passion for well-worked cleavages. In this case the straps draw two delicious triangles before ending on the top, a jubilation of light and dark gold pearls that make a sort of Egyptian pattern. The dress can be worn with or without the chest attachment, and can easily turn from a party dress into a knee-length gown used for special occasions. The Eden set of necklace and earrings from Donna Flora confirm Squinternet’s ability when it comes to stones and pearls matching inserted in a golden scheme, that shine when light hits them. Here I was particularly fascinated by its geometry and symmetry.

Did I already say I love vogue buns? Dita hair in black from Pocket Mirrors is definitely one of my favourite ones. The side bangs make a hairbase not necessary, and the bun is so simple but fashionable that adapts easily to various styles, from the very minimal one to the most eccentric.

To finish with, we have the Old Lace Outfit, a mermaid-alike gown that follows the style of the European 20s/30s gowns: here, again, there is a great work behind it, with the handcrafted laces that make a not random but symmetrical draw, and the skirt attachment that makes the gown flirtatious and actual. I also love the colours, a beige-pink bottom that breaks the seriousness of the black laces, and the little flowers above the knees, where the flexi skirt attaches, that give a girly touch.

This time I chose a vintage style in a light colour as for hair, and picked Bea in blonde, always from Pocket Mirror, a short hairstyle with little curls on the sides. The Lulù set always from Donna Flora is the one I chose this time for its as well dark and light colours, and for the lovely rose pulled alongside vintage pearls.

That’s all for today, have a lovely week!



Outfit 1:

Skin: Moon in Mystic by Redgrave

Lashes: Ball Lashes by Madesigns

Hair: Ofelia Updo in Majestic by Pocket Mirrors

Mani and Pedi: Satin - Brass by [Detour]

Eyes: Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin

Outfit: Maruska from **PB Collection** - Ardigraf Design

Shoes: Women Egyptian shoes by KK

Jewellery: Vain Emerald Set and Flora topaz ring by Donna Flora

Outfit 2:

Skin: Cleo - Sapphire Peacock w/mole by The Obscene

Lashes: Ball Lashes by Madesigns

Hair: Dita Updo in black by Pocket Mirrors

Mani and Pedi: Satin - Brass by [Detour]

Eyes: Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin

Outfit: Ambar by **PB Collection** - Ardigraf Design

Shoes: Verve pumps in olive by Maitreya

Jewellery: Eden Emerald Set by Donna Flora

Outfit 3:

Skin: Lyla smoky by Redgrave

Lashes: Ball Lashes by Madesigns

Hair: Bea Updo in Golden by Pocket Mirrors

Mani and Pedi: Mettalics - SharkSkin by [Detour]

Eyes: Soul eyes in gray by Madesigns

Outfit: Old Lace by **PB Collection** - Ardigraf Design

Shoes: Elegance by Storm Schmooz

Jewellery: Lulù Ivory set by Donna Flora

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Bliss Windlow said...

You look absolutely beautiful ... especially love the last outfit!!! WOOHOOO Dahlia's a babe!!!


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