Friday, August 7, 2009

The Black Swan

The Black Swan fashion events are one of my favourite ones in Second Life. Really unique and original designs, great surroundings and atmosphere, amazing designers and staff that work there. I had the luck to join its past edition as model, but enjoyed this last one as well as guest. I am going to show a couple of my favourite outfits and hair of this edition in this post. First one is SySy's Waternymph gown. I love first of all the versatility of it: You can wear the skirt attachment with or without sculpted waves on the sides, as it comes in two different options, and can also decide to wear or not the collar also with waves. I like a lot the shading used on its texture, especially on bodice, both on the breasts area and the waist one, around the two vertical lines of it. It shows a really careful and beautiful work of the designer, SySy Chapman. The little drops on the leg and cleavage make it very peculiar, and it can be worn both as a summer gown, for its freshness and lovely colour, and as a fantasy gown for roleplay or for themed parties. I know that at the show it was matched with another hair, but I wanted to use Sky Everett one here, for a WATER themed dress, Princess Liante hair, about which I am going to talk in a very little bit, because of what inspired the designer to make them. "Princess Liante hair and jewels were designed with a mythical, fearless and brave warrior princess in mind. The beautiful Princess Liante rules over all the elements. She is capable of manipulating the very essence of what surrounds us, controlled by mind and soul. But has a particular fondness for water. Within each gem, a continuous pulsating movement of blue water, infused with a magical golden liquid can be seen. It is her own personal inner strength that drives the constant flow of movement. As her strong inner resolve powers the gems, so do the gems empower her to continue to rule her realm with honor, dignity, bravery and compassion." So, could not help myself using it for SySy dress. Princess Liante comes in really lots of options: first of all you can decide if buying it with silver or golden hair jewels, as you can see in my pics. Then you can decide to buy hair and jewels (necklace, earrings, wrist cuffs and front or back crown) separately or not. We all know that Sky Everett hair are all amazing, with a hard work behind it and a great attention to the matched jewels. Well, this is not an exception. Here I am wearing it with Elate! Elenia cream dress for Swansong, another lovely gown goddess-alike, here in white and gold, with a very nice straps work, especially the cross part on the back, and cute feathers on the flexi skirt. It is pure, simple and cute, but still shows a firm personality of who wears it. The body of the jewelry is very fine, with little curls and a dynamic texture as for the stones, whose meaning is explained in Sky Everett text above, that make it really royal and high class, suitable just for a real princess. We might find a deeper meaning in that: the continuous flow of the water in the stones, put in a static structure, remind Eraclitus "Pantha rei" concept. All flows, but this strong personality, this princess, can dominate everything, whatever happens. She is a warrior (Pòlemos, war, destroys and creates, is an example of the harmony between opposite things - like music, that produces a beautiful harmony with discordant notes), a philosopher (she knows the importance of the lògos, the common thing among all opposite ones, knowledge and reason). Another Eraclitus concept we may talk about is its contraries one: each aspect opposes to the other but also develops in the other. But all happens with a reason and a necessity, and just a personality like this princess can understand that. Now look closer the golden texture of the cuffs: it is absolutely realistic, and when light hits it, you can see its thousand shades. It is really astonishing! The curls at the tips of Princess Liante hair, back and front, have little sparkling golden reflexes. Isn't that a great idea? I love it. The attention to details and minimus things is incredible! And here, the necklace worn with the back option, and same as for the crown. The latter, here surrounds the hair and enriches them, while worn on front give you a stronger look, and could be more used for peculiar situations. Here a closer profile of the hair. You can also see better the lovely adornment in the middle of the hair, a golden circle with a very fancy blue decoration in the middle. Simply a work of art! Credits: Dress 1 : Waternymph Gown by SySy Hair: Princess Liante (full set) silver by Sky Everett Designs Shoes: Rio Beleza Wedges in dark brown by Armidi Gisaci Dress 2: Elenia cream dress by (Elate!) Hair: Princess Liante (full set) gold by Sky Everett Designs Shoes: Egyptian heels by KK Skin: Cleo sapphire peacock w/mole by The Obscene Nails: Satin brass by Detour


Scarlett Niven said...

Gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday this week! <3

Sky Everett Designs said...

I've been away for the past several days and returned to find these stunning images waiting for me.

You honor me, Dahlia. I do believe it is you who makes everything look so beautiful.

Thank you so very much for all your comments!

Much love,

Dahlia Joubert said...

Thanks so much Scarlett, and Sky, I am the honoured one! Thank you sincerely for your comment!




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