Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your Invitation to Bogart's Jazz Club & Shops New Logo Party Today!!

Thanks to the great support and participation of BESTYLE Magazine and WWW.SECONDNIGHTS.COM, Bogart's Jazz Club launches its brand new logo today, Sunday, August the 2nd - 2PM SLT at a grand party! Our own Dahlia Joubert is Bogart's Jazz Club Event Manager & Hostess. Tonight's grand celebration will also share the release of the new August, 2009 issue of BeStyle Magazine, featuring Bogart's new logo and the launch of it's brand new its brand new partnership and web page on SECONDNIGHTS.COM website and you can view it here! • DJ AllenClive Beaumont from 12 PM SLT to 2 PM SLT will start putting bubbles in the club atmosphere, giving it the right mood for the upcoming party with his great music. • At 2 PM SLT, when the big party will start, until 4 PM SLT, DJ Habbanero Barbosa will delight us with special selection of jazz tunes. • Simone Peterman from WWW.SECONDNIGHTS.COM and Annemarie Perenti, Best of Italian, Rodeo Drive sims and magazine owner, together with all BESTYLE models and staff, will honour us of their presence and will talk about their future projects in Second Life and dance the night away!!. • This Event will be filmed by Scarlett Niven and featured on the Digital Image site as well as SECONDNIGHTS.COM, BESTYLE and other viewings sites like and!! • Sharon Schuman, a talented photographer, who will take pictures during the party, that will be featured in Bogart's Jazz Club flickr account and pool. • The Best in 50's Style Couple Contest will also be happening! As you all know, Bogart's is a 1950 themed Jazz Club: all you have to do is turn back time and dress up according to the 50s fashion. From the most formal 50s accessories and gowns to the easier style of the rockabilly cocktail dresses, from fancy papillons to linen tuxedos, just remember to respect our formal dress code and don't miss the chance to win our great prizes!! 1500$L offered by WWW.SECONDNIGHTS.COM and a formal gown, Astrea, offered by GOLD IN THE NIGHT by Elisea Carter (􀀁) for the winner LADY; 1500$L Offered by BOGART'S JAZZ CLUB and a tuxedo, Gala Black Suit, offered by SARTORIA by Traveller Bade (􀀂) for the winner GENTLEMAN. 1500$L offered by THE NIVEN COLLECTION and a designer bag with the Spring/Summer Couture 2009 Collection! Bogart's Staff, BESTYLE owner Annemarie Perenti and WWW.SECONDNIGHTS.COM owner, Simone Peterman, will be the jury and decide who will be the winners. The lucky winners will also have the honour of being main stage to open Bogart's Jazz Club Stage Curtains to show the new Bogart's Logo, made by Mr. Simone Peterman. There will also be a gift package from WWW.SECONDNIGHTS.COM to all the guests. So grab your best 50s style suit or gown/cocktail dress, and be sure not to miss this very unique and special event!

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