Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brand New Shop! Brand New Collection - S/S 2010

Today I released the six (6) NEW outfits pictured above from my new collection - MonoChrome - in myNEW location at Liberty. There will be at least (4) more new releases in the coming weeks. I am very proud of this new collection as I worked very hard on it, junking quite a few pieces and redoing them over and over.Even learned a few new skills in the process!The entire collection was hand drawn, designed and textured by yours truly.MonoChrome is designed so all pieces in the collection can be worn with any other pieces in the collection making for a multitude of possibilites when it comes to mixing and matching.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Special thanks to my long time friend, Mo Miasma, for getting me set up at her place and who has always been there for me and I truly feel honored to know a wonderful lady like her.While at Liberty, make sure you check out all the fantastic shops.

Waaay back in 2007 when I was doing my video Second Life Fashion/Lifestyle magazine - ScarlettCast! -
(I will return to producing once I get some of these projects off my plate) I did a little promo piece for Mo's furnishings boutique, Morantique.I fell in love with the shop and with her creations.You even get to hear in Mo's own voice matched to her avatar's speaking talking about her shop! I've come a long way with Machinima production values since 2007-LOL! Well you gotta start somewhere!If you have any questions, give me a shout.Enjoy and happy shopping!


RAFTWET Jewell in Virtual World of Second Life! said...

love the black and white fashion!

Scarlett Niven said...

Thank you! It does go with anything! :-)


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