Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Niven Collection-S/S 2010-MonoChrome II

Phase II of The MonoChrome Collection will be released soon! I am so thrilled with the new ads photographed and featuring the extraordinary Kyrie Source.  I've met alot of fashionistas and wanna be fashionistas in SL and I can truly say this about Kyrie....she is the REAL thing. 
Big thanks and hugs to Kyrie for her fantastic styling, encouragement and advice.

MonoChrome II, also black and white - is harder and edgier with a retro couture (think Joan Crawford in her heyday), anime (think Aeon Flux & Darryl Hannah/Sean Young in Blade Runner), pulp fiction comics feel to it.

 I bring a heavier, more agressive hand in textures and shadings in phase two to pay homage to our virtual world. I actually had more fun doing phase two because of the challenges surrounding blending those genres together and defining a look that spoke to all of them. As with Phase I - all of the outfits are designed to mix and match with others in the collection giving you literally hundreds of options for outfits!

I also created a tattoo layer makeup line - MonoChrome Face -  especially for this Collection with this genre based theme. There are around 14 makeups available.  I plan to add a few more before the show on July 5th. They are available in singles and a fat pack in The Niven Collection Boutique now.


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