Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo Spread - Eva Eames Wears The Niven Collection

Eva is wearing:  Photo 1: Orbit

Fashion blogger Eva Eames did an amazing job on her photos showcasing my designs! Thank you, Eva! It's been a pleasure to meet you and chat as well.  I think Eva did a fantastic and unique job and proves you don't have to have photoshopped to Hell sunsets and clouds in the background to make a great fashion photo.  Great job Eva!
                                                  Photo 2: Yaza           Photo: 3: Artoro White

                                Photo 4:  Cubis                            Photo 5:  POp ARt TOo Dress With Accessories
All items are available at The Niven Collection Boutique.

Side Note:  I will be leaving the Zippy Pant box out until tonight as I did not send out the notice to my subscribomatic group until Sunday afternoon and I noticed alot of you came in last night.  I want to let everyone get a chance so I will leave it until tonight. 

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