Thursday, July 22, 2010

Niven Style - Fann Hyun

My name is Fann Hyun and I am a fashion model in Second Life for more than 3 years, working with various designers for runways, print, machinima, video, TV and live modeling for events. Other than modeling, I enjoyed to do styling and having fun mix and matching various items from outfits to put together a certain look. I love shopping and always excites me when I discover new brands from very talented designers over the grid.
I was very excited when Scarlett Niven launched the MonoChrome Series which are in black and white avant garde design with many possibilities for mix and matching. I had selected MonoChrome - Raven Flown and love this outfit alot! It is very edgy and trendy. The outfit can be dressed up glamourously or can dressed down and they are perfect for match and matching easily with other items in the MonoChrome Series. I also love the MonoChrome Face tattoo layers makeup which are so edgy which is great for the runway shows or just simply wants to stand out in the crowd in parties with these bold avant garde makeups.

I certainly look forward to see the upcoming new items from The Niven Collection. Scarlett had outdone herself each time and improving with every release, way to go Scarlett!!

Thank you Fann! <3

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