Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I Can Style" Contest at Maritima Sim Featuring The Niven Collection-MonoChrome

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of  judging a styling event featuring items from my MonoChrome Collection. 
Seventeen amazingly put together models dazzled the audience with their mix and match skills but also with a few surprises such as a fainting model on the runway, models breaking out of eggs guest sitting on the air and the relentless lag! LOL!
Despite the lag, everyone had a fantastic time and there was no shortage cheers from the audience. :-) 
Each contestant was given three items to pick from to style their look.  The Harness Skinny Pant, The Polar Frames Skirt with Belt and the Metallic Suspenders in Silver and in Gold (all three layers)
In the end, I had to pick only three top winners, which was a very difficult task to do. 
The winners were (from right to left):
1st place - StarliteStarbrite Constellation
2nd Place - Melinda Bluxome (busted out of egg :-) )
3rd Place - Kelcie Alsop

Big thanks to NyuNyu and Eme for arranging and making all go smoothly and all the models for your hard work and making this event fun for everyone. 
On a side note, make sure you check out Maritima's new shopping center on Choon Island where I have my second location and all the great shops there that feature Original, fresh and avant-garde designs.

Melinda inside Egg!! Do you know how difficult it is to walk to the middle of a runway with this on your head?!

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