Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Niven Style-Dankablanka Grau

Dankablanka Grau hails from Poland in RL and role plays a lady of Russian aristocracy. In her roleplay- Dankablanka tells me,  "The year is 1891 and I am an impoverished aristocrat Lady from distant Russia. I was brought up in the wealth and comfort that many people envied. When I was 16, my palace was burn to the ground and my entire family killed by the man whose proposal and love I rejected.This was his vengeance. He loved me so much that he went mad and stabbed himself afterwards. I managed to save myself and escape to France where I worked as a prostitute to earn money for my medical studies. Now I have come to London to find the man who would be my Prince."
Danka says of The Waffle Dress - "I chose this futuristic dress because it reminds me of distant galaxies and rogue styling. The dress looks like a cage shaped and fits well into the outfit. Wearing this I feel like a woman of the future, my mind and body imprisoned in the cage of developed technologies and computer science. I chose the eyepatch to emphasize the rogue style of this dress as if I were one blinded by the forthcoming and overwhelming world of robotics. To soften this image a bit, I decided to wear the flower necklace which is however in the black and white colours to correspond with the rest of the outfit. My pale skin matches perfectly with these colours as well. The square shape of shoes keeps up the image of cubism and modern designs.

Very lovely Dankablanka! Thanks for sharing your story and your Niven Style!

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