Saturday, September 4, 2010

Niven Style - Kimberly Delores

This Niven Style profiles Kimberly Dolores of Norway. Kimberly says of her experiences in SL, " I`ve only been here for a short time exploring what SL has to offer. Fashion is by far the most compelling thing. It is way more accessible in world than in RL. Love the way it gives me opportunity to be creative and put together clothes and accessories. Almost with no limitations or rules. Except from keeping your prims straight and follow a certain aesthetic. 【ツ】

In RL one of my favorite designers is Alexander McQueen. He was genius. Designs with a blend of soft, classy garments and that strange and otherworldly futuristic feel is always compelling to me. It gives you the opportunity to be the diva you want to be - no matter what century or time dimension you choose to live your second life in.

I`m also very fond of old Hollywood glamour from the 50s so therefore I`ve chosen the newly released Raven Flown II  ( from the MonoChrome Collection) and the "After Labor Day" Coat Dress.

I`m thinking of it as a yin and yang of fashion. Black and White - Futuristic and Old Fashioned Classy.
As a tribute to Alexander I`m wearing my McQueen Goth Boots with the Raven Flown II from The MonoChrome Collection. My SL is pretty much like my RL in that a girl likes to shop, right? " 【ツ】

Indeed, Kimberly, Indeed! You look fabulous and thank you for your Niven Style!

Kimberly is wearing Raven Flown II and The "After Labor Day" Coat Dress with option3 Ocelot faux fur collar. Both outfits are available at The Niven Collection in Liberty City and on Choon Island.

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