Saturday, October 9, 2010

Niven Style-Kay Fairey

Once again the lovely and multi-talented Kay Fairey is featured in Niven Style! Kay has styled the ever popular Raven Flown Top from my MonoChrome Collection in her own unique way! Tres' Chic!!
Thank you Kay! Enjoy!
SL REZDAY: Nov. 2, 2007
MODEL TRAINING: Premiere Modeling Academy (started Jan. 2007)
CURRENT POSTS; AGENCY AFFILIATION: - Boulevard Agency, Agency Director; Top Model - Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, CEO - Miss Virtual World, Executive - LOOK Elite Models, COO; Top Model - MAD Agency, Model - BeStyle District Agency, Top Model - Opium Model Agency, Top Model - ELEGANCE INTERNATION Model Agency, Top Model - Maritima Model - BACKSTAGE Model Agency, Model - Gems and Kisses, Top Gem - AGATA Model Agency (SL Japan) Top Model; Okan (Momma) - The Best of SL Magazine, Sr. Editor - Miss Virtual World, Executive - Second Life TV Japan, Overseas liason & fashion commentator -Fabulous Fashion TV, Host - SLTV Japan, Fashion Program Producer and Host - SAOSL (Stunning Avatars of Second Life) Council member BLOGS: - English blog: The Style File - Japanese blog: Kayのモデル日記 - Flickr page


Kay Fairey said...

Thank you Scarlett!! I truly love your creations. :D

Scarlett Niven said...

Thank you Kay! Your eautiful, classy and smart and I love the work you do. :-). hugs.


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