Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teaser Ad! - The Niven Collection - S/S 2011 - Skins and Tattoo Layer Makeups

Photo 1: Quant Skin alone with makeup
Photo 2:  Quant Skin with tattoo layer added
Hair:  Mary Bob in Blonde
There will be a small collection of 4 skins with the theme colors and design for my S/S 2011 release I.
I take my cues from Welsh fashion designer in the 60s and 70s makeup Queen, Mary Quant.

All 4 makeups come with a tattoo layer option which you can add over skin to add an extra POP of intense color OR have option to wear just the makeup tattoo layer over your favorite skin.

I decided to add the skin along with the tattoo layer makeup this time around for those who still use viewers that don't have the tattoo option available.

There are many great sales going on now at my Liberty location so make sure you check them out!!

Peace and Love,

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