Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dōmo arigatō To The SLTV Staff!!

SLTV Staff and The Dione Agency Models Wearing The Niven Collection.
I want to give a special thank you to hosts Kay Fairey and Mato Jetcity for a very fun and entertaining morning appearing on SLTV Fashion Style ~The Runway~

Also thank you to The Dione Agency models who all looked fantastic and did a great job! Cocomi Jewell, Chiquitita Arai, Mio Lenette, Pyo Igaly, Rehana Seljan, Shinobu Istmal, Wakana Zelin and yukichu Sauber.
 Thank you to mato's assistant, Rehana Seljan, model coordinator, Tyako Coage and the DJ, Aris Earnshaw.  どうもありがとう!!!!

You can view the taped show embedded below or here.

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