Monday, August 29, 2011

Mesh Hits The Grid...How many are using though? *HD Demo Video*

So far I've only seen photos of the extremely limited in variety mesh clothing available in SL.   I feel does not give the full idea of what it is and what it can do for a novice/noobie despite lengthy narratives.View my demo video in HD by selecting 720HD.
I  have downloaded the LL viewer for mesh and it seems to work okay for me (despite others crashing and bad experiences with it), but then again I have a high powered graphics computer. I bought a bunch of clothes at Jane's that mostly seem to fit and move okay (see video above), but outifts must be worn as outfits.

 I did see a bit of skin poke through in the chest area with the movement of my ao even wearing the alpha layer. So something to be aware of.  You will definitely need to make designer specific "shapes" to wear mesh clothing if you are shorter or have a less than typical 8 ft skinny SL model body. For me not so much an issue. 

If you think you will wear a top and a different skirt that is not made as separates, no can do.  But it is one step closer to this (from a 2008 Korean game). I would love to see more kick and sway in the skirt like in the video from the 2008 Korean game but not sure why that can't happen in SL,

Wonder who will successfully do the first mesh hair???  They will be rich. :-)

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