Thursday, August 18, 2011

SpotON3D Content Creator Expo-August 19-21 - 11am-5pm PDT/SLT

My friend, Co-creator/COO, Tessa Kinney-Johnson of the virtual world, SpotON3D, sent me note on our RL connection and asked me to get the word out on this event.  Tessa is a very cool lady and the master-mind, media whiz behind the SpotOn3D grid.

All this weekend, SpotON3D will sponsor a Content Creator Expo at SpotON3D island in SL, where the new Facebook Plug-in for SpotON 3D will be unveiled and discussions about how this will help affect real adoption of SpotON3D's 3D Web objective. RSVP is not required to take part in these activities, but it is highly appreciated if you do. You can do so by sending an e-mail to, mentioning Avatar Name(s), Guest Avatar Name(s), Virtual Interests and In-world Business.

The Expo will be held Fri-Sun August 19-21, from 11am-5pm PDT/SLT. The SLURL to the expo is You can read more about it more at the CCEXPO web site,

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