Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bianca F.'s Show 01 and Show Video

Real life Paris-based Italian fashion designer, Bianca Foulon, did her first show in SL on Saturday, March 22, 2008 and I was honored to be one of her models. Bianca is a savvy, no nonsense designer who puts alot of thought and care into her designs. Featured in ths post is a pictorial of the outfits I personally modeled and a preview of Bianca's new skins in the base color.

The first outfit is called Mongolia Wild. This short, feathered mini cocktail dress is perfect for a black tie party with a face framing collar and fitted inner skirt to show off legs and keep everything else under wraps. Bold minimal jewerly accents this look. Bianca's Sahara Bronze Fata2 skin give a perfect, yet not overly done make up to compliment the look.
Spring has sprung with Bianca's flirty dress called Chemisier Floral Geometric Mini Dress. This cute little number which can be dressed up or down comes with a equine influenced hat that has a molded chiffon cover to match the pattern on the dress. Bianca's lace tulle patterned socklets were a featured throughout the show in many of the outfits and awakened the little girl in me. The Fata2 Base skin in Ivory is worn here.

The Cipra Silk outfit in Rose Pink takes the best elements of classic romance and overtly sexy in a perfect blend. The delicate lace jacket with bell sleeves is the complete opposite to the skin tight shiny hip riding spandex pants and delicate rose accent babydoll top and yet it all pulls together nicely. Skin is Fata2 in the base color with nice light rose lips and light rose shadow.

Bianca's Nomade outfit takes it's cues from Carnival and is perfect for a night of belly bearing dancing with abandon. Sassy and eye catching with a silk patterned pleated skirt and a eye catching, low riding link belt. All eyes will be on your gyrating hips. Purple form fitting sequined top, arm bands and fucshia demi gloves make sure you sparkle and gleam in the lights. Shiny vinyl Romantic Boy short boots in deep purple with black accents adds edge to this outfit. The rich chocolate that is the Chioko Fata Base2 skin has a glossy neutral pout and eyes accented by Bianca's eye catching colorful lashes called Feathers.

I was the last walk of the show as Bianca's Bride in her Laser Ball Gown created especially for the show. Walking the runway set to midnight with laser shooting out of my chest was the hightlight of the show for me. The Laser Ball Gown, a satin Ivory bustier with a multi-tiered gown accented by under layers of red tulle is racy, avant garde and the perfect dress for the bride who wants to make a statement. Accessories include opera length red satin gloves, The Neckless Leather Collar in Red and satin roses across the front of the dress. Bianca's tulle lace socks in red and matching pumps completes this unexpected yet fabulous look. The Moka Fata2 skin in base give a rich tan complexion and makes me look like an Egyptian Princess.
Special thanks to COIF for taking hair in SL to the next level. I have been MAJOR crushing on those hairs since I got my first gift from Paulie Tamale through the Defying Gravity group.
Also, a special thanks to SL/RL Dutch Cinematographer, Chantal Harvey, for taping and editing the show. Video of show can be viewed at

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