Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paper Couture - Spring 2008

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few days you are well aware that Paper Couture released their Spring 2008 line to a mad crush of hungry Fashionistas and it is fabulous as usual!

Displaying Haute Couture at it's finest with textures, shading and styles that are amazing. Of course I had to have the entire collection!

This look is so pretty I almost don't want to take it off! With the grid under siege most of yesterday and windlight issues after, I was going nuts with trying to find the proper lighting so my face didn't look like Mt. Rushmore. Thanks to help from Absinthe Primrose and Anessa Stine, I finally got my face looking pretty again. I even did one shot experimenting with windlight settings!

Hair: Paper Couture - Spring 2008 - Powder Wig - Seaside & Shells
Skin: Wax Poetic - Mermaid
Necklace: Paper Couture - Necklace From The Dahlia Suit worn on undershirt layer
Jacket: Paper Couture - Spring 2008 - Lace and Organza Jacket from The Romantic Soliloquy Outfit
Skirt: Ingenue - The Pencil Skirt in Winter White
Stockings: Paper Couture - Spring 2008 - From The Romantic Soliloquy Outfit
Gloves: Paper Couture - Spring 2008 - From The Romantic Soliloquy Outfit
Shoes: Maitreya - Verve Pumps in Blue

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