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The Lingerie Legends calendar is now for sale in RL on Any of the ladies who wanted a free copy of the calendar, yours was mailed and should reach you soon. Free in-world copies of the calendar are available throughout the grid or IM me if you'd like a copy or a kiosk.

I want to thank all the ladies involved for a wonderful experience! All are truly great and I am honored to have them all on my friends list!!

And a BIG thanks to Photographer, Carl Crabe, for his wonderful vision and being an amazing person.

I present to you the calendar girls and their bios:

January - Elease Graves
Elease Graves is an inspired photographer, graphic artist, model, and publisher of the magazine Graves Style ( She believes that determination equals success and to never lose sight of your dreams. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough, and nowhere could this be more true than in Second Life.

February - Halfpint Pennell
Halfpint Pennell, or HP as known by her friends in-world, is a senior model for Imagen Divine Agency [ida], and a writer of the agency's blog. She is an active SL Mentor, welcoming and helping new residents when starting in SL and offering advice and support. HP also likes sailing and listening to live music in SL.

March - Kristianne Matfield (Winner)
Kristianne Matfield has been in Second Life since July of 2007. She is the grand prize winner of this calendar competition. Kristianne's many roles include owner and CEO of the ASpiRE! Agency, which she owns with her partner as well as a variety of projects on the table with Doll Inc, Posture Poses and Duality Photography.

April - Georgette Whitfield
Georgette Whitfield is a model with ASpiRE! agency. She also writes for their magazine and blog. She volunteers at the SL library on Info International, as well. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, exploring, hanging out with friends and building. One day she would like to run her own business in SL.

May - Isabel Brocco
Isabel Brocco joined Second Life May of 05 and won a model search contest over 2 years ago. From there she started modeling with Atlantis and was lucky enough and at right place at right time and was hired by The Avastar. She is also a model with ASpiRE and Instyle.

June - Graciana McMillian
Graciana McMillan, Graci to her friends, is a fashion writer, model, photographer, and constant wanderer in Second Life. Happiest amongst friends, Graci loves all the adventure and exploration that SL has to offer.

July - HarMonica Aabye
HarMonica Aabye is an ever evolving model/fashionista who enjoys laughing, adventure, shopping and exploring. You'll find her anywhere from the catwalk to Volcan Tenorio, the Costa Rican Tenorio National Park in SL. Witty conversation and banter are always welcome!

August - Zoe Demar
Zoe Demar is a multi-talented individual that specializes in modeling, design, and photography according to her client's needs. After two years of working on various projects, Zoe is making a name for herself by participating in SL-wide competitions including this calendar. Keep on the lookout for Zoe Demar as she continues to make her mark.

September - Darby Odriscoll
Darby Odriscoll is a fun loving girl that's interested in modeling, photography, photoshop, building and general social butterflying. She feels that Second Life is a medium for self expression and she is thoroughly enjoying meeting people all over the globe that are doing the same thing.

October - Absinthe Primrose
Absinthe Primrose is a Graphic Designer, Fantasy Illustrator and a Project Manager. In Second Life, an Aspiring Model and the Proprietor of "Absinthe Minded", a pottery and patio store. Absinthe loves shopping, creating, dancing, and meeting all the various wonderful people in this place called Second Life.

November - Anessa Stine
Since Joining SL just over a year ago Anessa Stine has quickly learned to be a 'Jill of all trades', building and managing the successful PIN UPS Night Club and Retrology Sim, embarking on a successful modelling career and making kitschy and fun wearables. Most recently she has gained a reputation as 'that shoe girl', avidly reviewing the sexiest stilettos available to avatar feet for

December - Scarlett Niven
Scarlett Niven, the organizer and publisher of this calendar, is a Top Model & handles Public Relations for The InStyle Fashion Agency, fashion writer for Second Style Magazine and her own blog & her innovative new video blog ScarlettCast @ Digital Image.
She is also the winner of SL’s Bud Select/Stuff Magazine’s Lingerie Legends Contest that was held both in RL & SL at the same time. Scarlett enjoys all things fashion and was selected The AvaStar's Class of 2007-Top 10 Avatars in SL 2007.

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