Thursday, June 5, 2008

ScarlettCast@Digital Image - June 2008 Teaser~~

Me and the most awesomest creator of the store Morantique, Mo Miasma. Morantique is featured in the Houses and Housewares segment in this month's ScarlettCast. We are gossiping about Madame Dubarry. LOL~


Wanda FilocreĆ£o said...

Please, Scarlet, where this hair and the amazing hand fan?
Thanks for sharing with us your amazing good taste :)

Scarlett Niven said...

Wanda, the hair came with the outfit from Nonna Hedges called Madame Pompadour Ball Gown. The fan is from Celebrian Ceawlin's shop called The English Rose. You can find a shopping guide of all the things featured in ScarlettCast by subscribing through on of the subscribeomatics located throughout the grid. IM me and i will drop a notecard with landmarks if you'd like. :-))


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