Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ScarlettCast! @ Digital Image Gift Ball Contents & Drawing Winners!!!

ScarlettCast for August has been posted and the gift balls have been sent! Thanks to all of you who sent notes thanking me for the gifts! I hope you enjoy!Congrats to the special drawing winners and be sure to check your inventory for your prizes! This month's gift ball includes: A Beach Bag From Ibizarre A Water Lilly Votive Candle From Absinthe Minded Pottery and Patio 4 Rose Hats in different colors made especially for ScarlettCast Subscribers by G. Field Sneak preview freebie Dress from N i V E N Fashion ScarlettCast viewing television Disembodied Head Poster done for four Yip Round Marble Fountain Special Drawing Winners: Four 500L each shopping certificate to Enkythings 1. Cady Sweetwater 2. Eark Ah 3. Connie Loon 4. Kessa Corvale Two 500L Shopping sprees at Absinthe Minded Pottery and Patio**Contact Abstinthe Primrose to schedule** 1. Miguel Rotunno 2. Winnie Quan Ten of my Favorite Necklace - The Cock/Swan Necklace From Creamshop 1. Jaxxia Parx 6. Sandy Susanto 2. Ramona Planer 7. Shea Sasser 3. Sydney Pinion 8. Cherry55 Janick 4. Parsnip Banufong 9. Pinkie Fellini 5. Paige Sutton 10. Darkstone Brim

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