Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Introducing........The N i V E N Collection Supermodels!!

My new clothing line, The N i V E N Collection, will be unveiled shortly! I would like to present to you the supermodels I selected to represent my line. Zoe Demar, Graciana McMillian, Abandoon Nacht, Haruka Kish and Payton Heron! All are my favorite models both in looks and personality. I am very honored and pleased to have you all strut the catwalk in first fashion show! A short video homage to The Supermodels below!!


Alaska Metropolitan said...

Great choice in models :) and I'll have to check out the clothes, they look very classic and fashionable.

Anessa Stine said...

Great bunch of girls. Congrats Scar!


that was amazing. you always do an excellent job with everything you touch. i loved the video teaser

Hot Rockstar said...

Wow very cool! Can't wait t see the final release!



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