Saturday, October 11, 2008

The N i V E N Collection Shop Now Open!!

Last night my very first fashion collection debuted on our sim to an invite only crowd and my shop, N i V E N is now open! The venue my husband built for me was beyond fabulous and I was very, very happy with the awesome crowd that turned out to help us celebrate! Many good friends and notables from the fashion world were in attendance. Blue Linden even donned his black and white and turned out to watch!! The show and the after-party was DJ'd by the amazing Kromus Korobase who rocked the show and the after party with his sets. A special thanks to all of you who sent your well wishes and those of you who broke into the store after the show to shop even though it was not opened yet..LOL... A special thanks to my Supermodels for being just that. They dealt with on stage changes of the multi-outfits with grace and poise. They are most incredible RL people who are astute professionals who really take what they do seriously here. To my husband, Carl Crabe, who is the most remarkable man I have ever known, without him this night would not have happened. I am counting the days until you are here with me in RL. I can never thank you enough for your kindness and your love. Everyone had a great time and I've noted just a few of the responses below of those who attended! Anyone who would like to have a show gift bag and show book, you can IM and I will give them to you. Cleo Carbetta-Fashion Blogger/Fashionista: Great show Scarlett..I'm really impressed! Blue Linden-Linden Labs-Executive: very nice designs...i love the various naturalistic patterns, right down to the venerable leopard print :D Abandoon Nacht-Supermodel: you did an amazing job scarlett :) I am beyond honored that you let me participate in your first collection. Payton Heron-Supermodel: Hi is the BIG day and I know you are excited and nervous....but...I wanted to wish you the very best and am looking forward to the show later today. All the very BEST......HUGGGZ, Payton Dahlia Joubert-Model/Fashionista: oh this is amazing.. really better that a rl one :D oh and love the gift, just tried it on! Elizabeth Hallstrom-Blogger-The SL Diva: best show ever Chantal Harvey-Machinima Expert(worked on a Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reaves): i m very pleased for you and well deserved! Neko Singh-guest: wow! the show in one word. Graciana McMillan-Supermodel and Fashion writer: thank you so much for asking me to be in this with you...your clothing looked amazing. Isabella Seibert-guest: and your collection was awesome...great job *SMILES* Maggie Mahoney-CEO-Runway Magazine: Scarlett! It was fabulous! Very well done collection. So very proud of you :)) Ocean Bates-COO-Runway Magazine: that was wonderful:) congrats :)So very happy for you was a great turn out:) Irah Anatine-Project Director-Babel TV: i know you are busy, but i wanted to ask permission to film the show. congrats my dear amazing collection:) Chloe what i could see of the show was simply divine, loved it, thank you for inviting me. TheDiva Rockin-Blogger-SL Fashion Police: okay - where can I shop! ? Zoe Demar-Supermodel: congrats again hon :) celebrate well Haruka Kish-Supermodel: thank you Scarlett :) I was so happy to work with you...I always thank you in my mind. hugs** Jungeun Vella-Owner-JE*Republic: It was a really wonderful Show. :) and You look stunning in that dress. Kromus Korobase-SecondLife DJ Extrodinaire: So this is just awesome to me.

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