Thursday, December 11, 2008

French monochrome connections

While wandering through RL shops a few days ago, I noticed that one of the main trends this Fall/Winter is a French style! I decided to put together one of my takes on a Francoise yet sweet and urban outfit. I noticed this trend affecting mainly shoes. I found these retro open-toe ankle boots by Tesla and immediately decided to buy them.

They were just perfect for the idea I had: Victorian styling and lovely, delicate shoe laces. In particular, I wanted to use monochrome colored pieces like cream, white, gray or black, and wanted a feminine, sweet and a bit of diva look. I used the trench coat by Bare Rose that, for a very cheap price, comes in lots of colors, allowing you to match it with lots of different styles, like glam, punk, rock, urban and bonton. I paired it with the wide knee-length black skirt by N i V E N which floats in a lovely way while walking. Of course in a Parisians urban outfit, knit knee socks can't be missed! Among the wide selection, the pair from Emery's was my choice.

Topped off by the sweet blouse in gray by Muism, whose silky texture has always been one of my favorites. I love how the neck part "comes out" from the trench coat, giving the idea of a cute collar. I also wanted ribbons, as in RL I am totally dying for those big, silky and a bit of Lolita ones. This time, as I wanted a sort of clean outfit, I decided to have it as a detail on the bag. In this case, I used the frivolity bag by the always impeccable Paper Couture.

These retro shades by FF, that I recently found in my inventory work perfectly with the look, and I am really using them everyday as they are tintable and it seems like I'm in a sort of retro, bonton period.

Even if this may sound like a bit of a cliché, I often associate to the idea of French hair styles, bobbed hair or bangs, and of course I like it. That's why I used this hair from Shop Seu, short, sweet and a bit of Diva. It matches lovely the Lyla make up from Redgrave with its full lips, neutral lipstick, and smoky shades.

That's all, ciao e alla prossima! :)

Credits Body Skin: 08 Lyla Pale Skin / smoky3 by REDGRAVE Hair: Fuwabob hair in black by Shop Seu Eyes: SOUL eyes Blue 7 by MADesigns Outfit

Belt: Songbird suede belt in black by Ce Cubic Effect Jacket: Trench coat lady in white by Bare Rose Shirt: Satin ruffle top in gray by Muism Skirt: part of Pop Art Dress with Extras by N i V E N Tights: plain transparent tights by Paper Couture, previous gift Socks: Part of My bloody Valentine outfit by Emery Gloves: Gloves black by Cachet Bag: The frivolity bag in onyx by Paper Couture Shoes: Athena open toe stiletto boots by Tesla Shades: Movie star glasses tintable by [FF]


Anonymous said...

Ciao come stai? Ho avuto la possibilità di guardare attraverso il tuo blog, e mi è piaciuto molto il tuo post, così vorrei diventare un blog amico per così dire.

Ho un sito d'arte qui negli Stati Uniti, in particolare a San Diego, che è in Calfornia meridionale.

Spero che lei possa venire e vedere il mio sito più presto


Dahlia Joubert said...

Ciao, ti ringrazio e ti faccio i complimenti e l'in bocca al lupo per la tua arte. :)


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