Monday, December 29, 2008

What's In Your Handbag Challenge....

Okay..I buckled...LOL...I usually don't do theses things, but one of my favorite bloggers, Bryanboy, did this a few years back and it was great fun! You should see what what in HIS bag! Anyways, here it is! ENJOY! 1. Currently using my Cole-Haan bag in Bronze with purse jewel in ruby. I am a true bag hag and buy and/or rotate bags on a regular basis. 2. Kleenex...should be in every bag because you ALWAYS will need one. 3. Black and Rhinestone Gucci Round Sunglasses. 4. Tylenol severe allergy tabs for those out of the house allergy emergencies. 5. De-frazzle perfum oil. The most amazing fragrance. Light, yet sweet and musky with vague floral undertones. Got one in a NYC Fashion week bag last year from my cousin and it's been my choice ever since. It's only available from De-Frazzle, so less of a chance like smelling like someone else in the room. 6. Shiseido eyelash curler to keep my peepers looking fresh and flirty. 7. Padre Peo pendant that found ME in a parking lot on a sad day. I stepped on it while returning to my car late at night. It was face up and when I picked it up it was hot. Guess someone was telling me not to lose faith. :-)I always have it with me. 8. Rosebud salve for lips, cuticles, errant brows, etc. 9. Estee Lauder matte gold/crystal astrological compact in Sagittarius. 10. Travel sized Lysol in Linen fragrance - Because I am my Mother's daughter and hate other people's nastiness. 11. Blackbery Storm - This thing is AWESOME! I LOVE IT!! 12. NARS lip pencils (long lasting color with precision application) and Chanel gloss to add shine. 13. Shiseido Pureness oil blotting sheets - No one likes a shiny face! Especially in photots. 14. Dentyne Ice suger free in artic chill 15. Werther's sugar free toffee candies 16. Red Hot Cinnamon Balls - For the moments when I just need to burn my mouth out. 17. Crystal Light Lemonade crystals - goes in bottled water for instant Lemonade. 18. Travel pack of hand lotion 19. Travel flosser 20. Super Smile travel tooth cleaner - put drop on tongue and swish around. Keep those teeth white! 21. Wet Nap 22. Travel sized Purell - Yes...again for the nasty and germs out there!

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