Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pizzi e merletti

Due to a recent fashion show I took part in as model, I have been lately inspired by outfits made up of lace textures. My current love of this look also has a RL element to it. The look of soft lace textures are also being featured the show "In those soft laces - old and precious laces from the collection Arnaldo Caprai" in progress up to March 29th in the Napoleonic Museum in Rome. Twenty-seven Italian designers from Second Life were given original textures from this special collection, and with those made some amazing dresses, vintage yet and modern at same time. In this post, I just wanted to create something like that using different pieces made up with laces I found shopping various stores in Second Life, as well as using a piece from the show. Kind of a “sneak peek” of the awesomeness of those creations. *smile* I started with this delicious jacket from MEB by Maria Elena Barbosa and matched it with some black laces pieces. To gain a sexy, feminine and modern effect, the shirt from the Bollywood Lace outfit from the N i V E N collection and the skirt from the "Pizzonext" outfit by Bianca Foulon. The former, with its transparencies, the lovely broach and the round cut is absolutely stunning, and the latter gives a modern touch thanks to the simil-vynil coulotte, that I just adore. For the hair I wanted a vintage looking updo to reflect the lace look, but with a fresh twist, so the end result would look wearable for any venue. The shoes I choose are from Kookie, and are perfect for this look. The look of the high-heeled pumps with a delicious ribbon on their front together with skin from Obscene, continues the soft vintage feel. You can find them in the Black Swan sim, where some of SL’s finest designers have put their exclusive creations for an event called “Winter Magic.” That's all for the moment, hope you enjoyed! Ciao ciao, alla prossima! CREDITS Body: Skin: Freya by The Obscene, available at the Black Swan Sim Eyes: SOUL eyes S2 Pale - Grey by MADesigns Hair: Tarae in midnight by JE* Republic Outfit: Jacket: Jane sculpt jacket by MEB Shirt: part of Black Lace Bollywood Outfit by N i V E N Skirt: part of Pizzonext outfit by Bianca F. Shoes: Phoebe by Kookie - available at the Black Swan Sim Earrings: Platinum earrings with tahiti pearl by *EMPEROR* Gloves: Part of Empire & Duchess top putfit, a previous group gift by Pixeldolls

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