Monday, June 22, 2009

New Associate Producer At Life-On-Line!!

It gives me great pleasure to announce I have joined the virtual world talk and entertainment show, Life-On-Line (LOL), as an Associate Producer. Life-On-Line is a twice monthly internet TV talk show covering lifestyles, news, fashion and entertainment across virtual worlds featuring music, comedy, interviews and more! The TV show is the brain-child of Australian journalist and communications consultant Steve Cropper, who in 2008 was 'Angelico Babii', host of the LATE SHOW on Metaverse-TV and the creator of My-Metaverse. I will be doing a segment on fashion across virtual worlds as their resident "Fashion Guress."

 The program is made in the style of popular TV chat shows like the Late Show and/or Entertainment Tonight in the US and is pacey and energetic and gives viewers that big TV show 'look'but with a personal and intimate feel. In my first installment on July 1st, I chat with Steve about "Fashion Identity" and how it effects how we create our avatars on-line. I also explore the virtual fashion world of

 The people behind Life On Line: Producer/Host - Steve Cropper Music - Shakti Cianci (SpaceJunky) News - Sigmund Leominster Internet 'Shrink' - Dr Roman Candle With the great voice - Kayden O'Connell Our man in Calypso - John Bates Our man in Twinity - Jeremy Snyder Fashion Guress across virtual worlds - Scarlett Niven "Life-On-Line - It's about how we stay in touch, work and play, how we are entertained and informed - online." Life-On-Line can be viewed at, Metaverse TV

Life On Line is viewed on more than 40 websites, including:
Reputation TV
Amnesty International
Life On Line at
Clipser TV
Digital Image Fashion
Second Pride
Life On Line in FACEBOOK
SL on VL
SL on SL
Toronto Exclusive TV
Hiperia3D News
Metaworld 2 (see independent shows)
JamHot TV
Wolfie's World

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Bogarts said...

Wow, sounds like a great plan! Congrats!!



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