Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bare Bliss

Photos and text by: Bliss Windlow I persevered and actually beat Scarlett to Stiletto Moody the other day but not before I did my time in the water, on the roof, under armpits, feet in mouth (someone else's ... not mine...)flying against the barrier of "this area is full try again later" until I wore Linden out and they let me in .. heheheh .... But because I am still in the honeymoon phase of this relationship and trying to win Scarlett's respect .... I refrained from doing the "na na na boo boo" dance around her. I just nodded my head and was very sympathetic to her frustration at not being able to get in. I scored these Bare Katherine shoes (if you can call scoring forking out soooo much money ... but please allow me my illusions ...) and was so in love with the color of them ... I actually camera'd around the store when I got there, and rezzed (yes after about 5 hours, lunch, a long bath and 3 phonecalls RL) and checked out the shoes being worn that really caught my eye. These won hands down. So now I had the shoes ... what to wear, what to wear .... (you can put your finger to your lips and tap here to get the full experience) Then all of a sudden ... it fell from the sky ... into my screen ... a DSN gift!!! Dream Resistance sent out this great dress called Fantasia Shine Dress. I really like the both the coloring and the style. The taupe is off set with just the merest hint of pink - one of my favourite colour combinations. The fringe at the bottom adds a cheeky finish to this barely-there summer slip dress that perfectly matches the shoes!!!
Beautiful, changeable deliate pearl drop earrings from Exodi match the dress and the little handbag is included in the purchase of the shoes. Love the hair from Miraistyle - something very different for me and of course the impeccable talent of Tuli and her fabulous Hope Skin.
DRESS: FANTASIA - Fantasia*~ Shine Dress- DMV EARRINGS: EXODI - Exodi Bailey's Pearl Earrings WOODEN - $175L SHOES: STILETTO MOODY - Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Taupe) - $2199L HAIR: MIRAISTYLE -.+*Hary*+.Pearl&White MiraiStyle - $200L SKIN: TULI - Hope Fair Natural

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Scarlett Niven said...

LOL! I keel you!!! *tackles you to the ground and steals your chooooessss*


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