Monday, July 6, 2009

A Blush of Pink

Digital Image @ A Blush of Pink
photos and text by: Bliss Windlow
Retro Lingere is often characterized by conical bras and thicker rigid bodice coverings. Here Scarlett Niven's Pink Lingere designed by Insolence gives us the look of the retro while completely embracing all the dainty beauty of today's softer lingere.
The thicker middle panel with its classic lines gives an illusion of slimming while giving way on the sides to a much more sheer and softer material. The trail of peekaboo gathered lace at the bottom of the bodice panel at the front provides modesty while following a straight line to the back giving us a flirting glimpse of butt cheek. Longer garters complete the look. The soft pink color of the whole outfit creates a decidedly soft, feminine appeal.
Again, the entire outfit is generously available to everyone - a free gift from The Niven Collection and one every woman should have. Digital Image @ A Blush of Pink I chose a soft pair of matching pumps from Lemania and the Pink Opal Flower set for jewellry from Leezu. The entire set is one of the several gifts she has available in her store. Skin by League is one of my favourites and hair by Je Republic I picked up at the hair fair in several colors. LINGERE: THE NIVEN COLLECTION - Scarlett Pink Lingerie - My Gift To You-Designed By Insolence – FREE!! JEWELLRY: LEEZU- [LeeZu!] Pink Opal Flower Set – FREE GIFT SHOES: LEMANIA - [LI] Peaches & Cream Shoes Box - $200L SKIN: LEAGUE - *League* Skin Medium -Misty- Apricot Glow HAIR: JE REPUBLIC - JE*REPUBLIC- LOVIS-Light Blonde Pack - $200L EYELASHES: GLOW - Avantgarde. eyelashes - eyeliner 01 updated

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