Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue Dragonfly

Digital Image @ Blue Dragonfly
photos and text by: Bliss Windlow
The unstructured softness of this Natural Black Jacket by Air Winx provides just the right amount of dressiness to balance Pixivor Allen's beautiful layered eye-let lace skirt. I removed the rolled top of the skirt so that it tucked nicely under the jacket. The large black leather belt creates some form and substance to the outfit taking it from being casual to a much more sophisticated presentation.
I particularly like the edging of the jacket, done in an offset match of the satin so as to provide only the most subtle of contrast, but adding an understated detail that nicely finishes the jacket. The belt is well done with the texture being very life-like in detail. The skirt also has some nice qualities, having kept the scallop of the eyelet in the layers and adding a subtle slit in the front of the skirt allowing for brief shows of lovely tanned legs.
Digital Image @ Blue DragonflyThe earrings and bracelet were chosen for their simple design and elegance, making sure they blended with the outfit instead of competing with it. The one exception is the blue on the flowered choker which I threw in to add a splash of color to the face and to accent the beautiful makeup shadings of the Lara skin. Strappy Sandles in matching black seemed the perfect choice for me.
Hair by Maitreya is simple and keeps this look decidedly for an afternoon out, or an early dinner in the city. Definitely something I would wear this summer.
JACKET: ARGRACE - *ARGRACE* Natural (Black) Lady`s - $350L SKIRT: ALAFOLIE - "A la Folie"BOLERO" blanc jupe - $200L EARRINGS: EXODI - Exodi Bailey's Pearl Earrings Black - $350L CHOKER: LIKKA*HOUSE - April Dress Choker –Part of free gift BRACELET: CHLOE - Chloe - Venezuela in Orchid Bracelet - $1L – gift in store SHOES: SUGAR DESIGNS - *sugar* White Queen Shoes – (from Sugar queen outfit ) $120L SKIN: LARA SKINS -Lara Skins-Delia blue HAIR: MAITREYA - Maitreya Moon – Peroxide Pack - $200L EYELASHES – BELLEZA - Belleza Eyelashes – included with skins

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