Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seduction In Silver

Digital Image @ Seduction In Silver
photos and text by: Bliss Windlow
There are dresses you wear that you own the moment you put them on ... something about the way it fits, immediately creates a sense of enchantment that everyone feels. This is one of those dresses for me. With so many fabulous styles and colors to pull your focus in The Niven Collection, it is easy to overlook this dress in the array of beautiful designer gowns, but this one is magical. Digital Image @ Seduction In Silver The constant contradiction between seduction and elegance in this dress is played beautifully by Scarlett Niven's choice of lace. The overlay pulls brief glimpses of skin together with pieced white lining into a seamless exploration of soft shadings of silver instead of the usual, expected expression of silver in a dress of this nature, where you have much more sparkle. The delicate tapered sleeves extend onto the palms of the hand and the lace at the neck is cut to capture the natural scallop edging and frame the beautiful line of the collarbone across to the shoulders.

Dainty Silver pumps, slightly darker filagreed earrings and decidedly feminine, soft hair are the perfect compliments in the overall presentation. Cupcakes Seduction Glimmer provides the appropriate make-up for an overall sophisticated, still understated feel. The best part - this dress is available for only $10L thanks to the Scarlett's generosity to her customers.

DRESS: THE NIVEN COLLECTION - - N i V E N - Silver & White Lace Dress - $10L

SHOES: Lemania Indigo - - Silver Pumps from Miss French Farm - $1L

EARRINGS: ALIENBEAR - - Alienbear Design (Eostre Earrings Black)- $190L

HAIR: SIRENA - - Sirena Sharon Blonde Pack - $195L

SKIN: CUPCAKES - *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Copper – Glimmer

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