Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fumbling Towards Fantasy with Fumi

Digital Image @ Fumbling Toward Fantasy with Fumi by: Bliss Windlow Fumiwo Rau is the talented designer behind Fumi - a delightful shop in the captivating Mooncat Izumo Fashion District. Her designs are charming and beautiful in their array of materials, textures, and colours. Appropriate for formal, bridal, evening and cocktail - her dresses borrow from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Rococo Eras and are hyper-girly in their presentation. Her blackdress is a typical Lolita Goth using the traditional black and white with lots of lace and ribbon, topped with the veiled tiny hat sprouting off shoots of feather-like lace. Her corsetted bodice is exquisite in her detail and the whole outfit is an amazing steal at $300L. Court X Patent Leather Shoes from AW Designs respect the traditional Mary Jane worn with Lolita Goth while at the same time adding a bit of sophistication. Using the more elegant hair from The Niven Collection, and a decidedly sensual skin, the look moves from the school girl to something more upscale and fashionable. Both the jewellery and the gloves are part of the outfit from Fumi and there are many options with this dress and different ways of incorporating parts of it into your wardrobe. The biggest problem with a visit to Fumi is deciding which dress not to buy, because believe me, you will want them all.
Digital Image @ Fumbling Toward Fantasy with Fumi
DRESS: FUMI - fumi__Gset_080315_myblackdress - $300L SHOES: AW DESIGN - - CourtX Patent Leather - $415LSKIN: HAIR: THE NIVEN COLLECTION - - BLACK The Niven Collection - Niven Couture Hair - $300L includes all colors. EYELASHES: OBSCENE - - came with skins. SKIN: RED QUEEN - [rQ]Skin~Tan@o1.TYPE.01-B*PACK B.06

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