Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trapped by a net

Resort and couture looks are something that I have always loved to mix in Real Life. In this post I want to show one example of a look I love. As you have seen in my past posts, my outfits can range from very girly to more sophisticated. This look belongs to the latter category. Having recently spent a weekend in the Amalfi coast isles in RL, I was inspired to put together a look starting with the Miami Beach swimsuit by V-Fashion. This shop has retro girly bikinis and one-piece-swimsuits with a deep cleavage. The accessories are amongst some of my favorites, and are perfect for the look I was searching. Classy, but at the same time the pattern and the belt make it unusal and wearable. In this case, I've used it as a top to mix and match with a bottom piece. The skirt is also from V-Fashion from the luxury dress Tiffany outfit. It's a really lovely cocktail dress, very Audrey-alike, and comes with a hat, clutch and shoes. For my look I modified it a bit, making it almost a mini-skirt. The prim part and the red flower brooch, add fun to the outfit as well as confirming its' sophisticated style. The sculpty hoop skirt is from the Black Circle Dress by The Niven Collection - Couture Summer Line. Vogue buns are also something I really love. I was delighted when I found this shop, called AU V, by Jare Capalini. This style is called "Good morning Rome." You can also find many haute couture outfits that now are, of course, all jealously kept in my inventory. As for shoes and necklace, I wanted to use something with a pebbly texture, as it always looks good with summer outfits. I found this lovely LaGyo long necklace and these amazing sandals from **DDStyle** of Dadina Dosei. Dadina has recently released her new summer collection and sells, together with her outfits or separate, some amazing jewelry or shoes. She is specializes in sandals and boots, and in the first case they come also with a useful HUD that allows to change skin tone, sounds, and nail color. (here I painted my toes in red to match the flower brooch). CREDITS: Body: Skin: Skye Smoky Red Sunny by Damiani Lashes: Ball Lashes by Madesigns Hair: Good morning Rome by AU V Eyes: MAdesigns Soul Eyes S2 Pale Grey by MADesigns Outfit: Swimsuit: Miami Beach Swimsuit by V-Fashion Skirt (layer): part of Luxury Dress Tiffany outfit by V-Fashion Skirt (prim) and Rose Brooch: part of The Black Circle Dress by The Niven Collection Gloves: Bf* black gloves by Bianca F. (Store rebuilding) Sandals: part of New Dress Black Python by *DDStyle** Necklace: The longest one - black pearl by LaGyo

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