Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stalking The Wild Beast!!

photos and text by: Bliss Windlow I figure sometimes a girl just needs to be a stalker, and costumes are always good. I have a whole closet of costumes ranging from "mother of teens" to "psycho bat-out-of-hell woman" … oh wait .. those are the same costumes …. Today I felt like stalking … didn’t really have anyone in mind, but figured if I saw someone good wandering around SL .. I would stalk them. I put on my best animal print pants …. and I wandered around trying to look inconspicuous and innocent, but the butter kept melting in my mouth …. Eventually after turning up my IPOD playing wild animal themed cat music like the “Theme from the Pink Panther” and “Memory” from Cats … the mood overtook me and I decided ... to stalk ... myself !!! I was awesome, shadowed myself like a pro!! I never even knew I was being followed ... but at the last moment ... I gave myself the slip …. Next time I am going as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police because they ALWAYS get their man … and besides .. I look great in red AND ... they have awesome boots …. SWEATER: BareRose - ::: B@R ::: Maia shoulder sweater - $135L (modified and only a small part of the entire package which includes color choices and shorts and socks) PANTS: The Nive Collection - N i V E N - Leopard Pantsuit & Coat Dress - leopard slim pants - available from SL Exchange - $100L (only one small part of a much larger ensemble) SKIN: Cupcakes – Cupcakes Seduction Copper Natural HAIR: Analog Dog - AD - endra light - $350L SHOES: Lemania Indigo - [LI] Daydream Believer - $1L (only small part of entire outfit)LASHES: Silhouette Lashes – Dangerous – Gift

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