Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kamachinima Production is proud to announce our partnership with OPEN THIS END.   Aino Baar is a Real Life International Curator, representative of RL museums and Art Writer.  She is also a specialist in Art & Virtual Art. Aino Baars' goal is to select the best artists, gallerists, curators, patrons in SL and to work with them in SL and RL. They are working nonprofit doing I+D+I in real life.
Thanks to Aino Baar's extraordinary marketing efforts our machinimas will be presented at the RL World Expo 2010 Shanghaï in the Madrid Pavillion.

The World Expo in Shanghai will occupy a total of five (5) square kilometers and it is expected SEVENTY (70) million visitors.

 We will show the world how we use Machinima, how important this tool it is today and how it will become an important tool in so many other areas of our lives in the future. For those of you who won't be able to attend the fair, you still will be able to follow the tremendous artistic effort that is being deployed by this group on the Second Life platform,  as Linden Labs has graciously given five (5) sims for the duration of the Expo (6 months).  The sims are being prepared now and have a targeted opening date of 5/1/2010.
Each sim will be based on one of the themes (Light, Sound, Energy, Color and Love) and will present original artistic work interpreting the stories.
Kamachinima Production is working in parallel with OPEN THIS END activities because of the original stories we have created.  We shall have our own special presence in this major event with each machinima being shown on each corresponding sim.  Our warmest thanks to Aino Baar!

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