Sunday, May 9, 2010

Machinima Makes It's Mark With Aniboom's Sesame Street Character Competition!

A big congrats to veteran Machinimatographer,  Chantal Harvey and her team of Lorin Tone, Madcow Cosmos, Lauren Weyland, Judi Newall, L1Aura Loire, Ze Moo, robwag Soothsayer and Annabelle Fleury - for their big victory in getting machinima included in Aniboom's contest for a new Sesame Street character.  You can view "10 Little Aliens" below and do go over to Aniboom's website and vote and leave a comment! Support SL machinima and tweet, share, whatever!

The character avatar is for sale for 55L here and all proceeds go toward the funding of future machinimas.  I jokingly told Chantal to not forget me when she is a millionare off merchandising. LOL!

This is a very big step in getting machinima recognized as a source for animation/movie making outside of SL, so thank you to Chantal and her group for all their hard work!

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