Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Holiday Promotion From The Niven Collection - La danse du cirque

Photography by Sandro Fratica

Special Holiday Offering of La danse du cirque box that is chock full of goodies to make both outfits shown in the photo. Kyrie Source in version un and moi in version deux!  

Sunglasses, two version of skirt, tops, tights, pants, gloves and hats and two face tattoo makeups!! 

A version of this outfit was worn by MODAVIA Productions Manager, Dahlia Joubert, at Sunday's PopArt Fashion Event. She also wore the coolest PopArt skin in true roy lichtenstein style!!

Enjoy for yourself and as a great gift for friends!

Available for purchase at the following locations:

The Niven Collection - Liberty

The Niven Collection II - Maritima

MODAVIA Productions - PopArt 2010 boutique and Gallery

My Second Life Marketplace Shop (can be sent as gift item from here)

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