Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mishy Wardell - The Girl With Kaleidescope Eyes

When I need a pick me up, I go to happier times in my life...Like when I was 12 and I had a dress JUST LIKE this, except not as many bold, beautiful colors. I loved that dress, and just like this one, it made me feel pretty!
I grew up in the 80s so this Niven Collection dress, seems like its inspired by that time period. The 80s are back, Fashionistas, so make sure you have SOMETHING in your inventory with a wide belt, ruffles, and neon colors!
The myriad of colors fit the name of the dress as does the patten. 
I was 5 I looked the my first kaleidescope in my kindergarten class and there began my love for bright colors and patterns. The gloss on the belt makes me think of fresh leather seats in a brand new car! WHEEEE!!
This skin from Body Boutique was on special and I felt the beauty of it and the contrast of the makeup on the skin blended in perfectly! It's my 1st  time wearing it and it definitely won't be my last! 
The tights remind me the Doublemint Gum as a child, passed to me by my mom, during church on Sunday morning to keep me occupied! Ahhhh..those were the good ol' days!

Styling Credits
Outfit - The Niven Collection - The Kaleidescope Dress
Shape - New LaTasha Shape Model Shape by LatrellY Flux
Skin - *Body Boutique*Jade Rainbow skin Cleavage - Honey Tan 
Eyes - *Beauty Avatar Couture* Diamante V2 - Ambra 
Hair - BooN FTN683 hair (Black)
Eyelashes -  glow ] studio Fancy Eyelashes - Like Natural
Earrings - [ glow ] studio  Fatale Earrings (Round)
Bracelets - Blang!!! Buncha Globangelz - Grapeglo
Clutch - RND WN Clutch Purse Lizard (Silver)
Shoes - Juicy Classic Pumps (Grape) 
Tights - Glasnost - Basic Tights  (Minty Fresh)
Nails - Ibizarre Nail polish (Dark Violett)

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