Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own-#2 - Animal Print

Hair:  The Niven Collection-ss2011-Macabre Ballet in Blond-worn on Blond Hair base (coming soon)
Skin: The Niven Collection-ss2011-F A C E-Rose Garden Skin with Blond brow in Milk (coming soon)
Earrings:  The Niven Collection-Wonton Earrings in Gold
Blouse:  The Niven Collection-Black Lace Bollywood Top (10L outfit item)
Belt:  The Niven Collection-L U X E-Corset Belt in Cheetah/Gold 
Pants:  The Niven Collection-MonoChrome-Black Balloon Pant
Shoe: AOHARU-Bijou Gladiator Heels in Black

Adding animal print-leopard, zebra and cheetah, to your wardrobe can turn a drab outfit into something elegant or sporty. Whether it’s a hot shoe, a cool handbag or a belt, a little animal ’magnetism’ goes a long way.  A simple animal scarf is so versatile it can work miracles with an ordinary wardrobe. 
Shoe: COCO-Backless Ankle Boots in Leopard
Handbag: The Niven Collection-L U X E-#3 size Cheetah Print Handbag
Beret:  The Niven Collection-L U X E-Cheetah Paree Beret
Scarf:  The Niven Collection-L U X E-Cheetah/Gold Silk Scarf

Chic is always the goal with accenting with animal prints. Be mindful of the quality of the print and in most cases it's best to wear only one piece at a time or you might end up looking like "Fashion Roadkill."

A striking leopard print, for example, can liven up a basic black dress in an instant; a bright piece is nicely countered by a polished zebra print; and a pair of jeans and crisp, white tee, suddenly look like a million bucks when worn with cute cheetah-print shoes.

Belt:  FENDI-Wide Leopard Belt
The truly fashionable are always daring and never dull. :-) RL options below.

Boot: Balmain-Beige Animal Print Ankle Boots
Purse:  Nanette Lepore-Haircalf Convertible Clutch-Black/Brown
Hat:  ModCloth-Lady of Song Hat
Scarf:  Dorthy Perkins-Choc Animal Print Scarf

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