Friday, March 11, 2011

Kinect (Project Natal) it coming soon?

I got an email link from one of my RL professional networking colleagues regarding this project. I have seen this demo about a year or so ago and was wondering what had become of it.

Now that televisions are being made that integrates the ability to access Virtual Worlds, what will be the implications of such?

The word is Project Natal was scrapped and/or snapped up by the military, but who knows?

It reminds me of a software of a "perfect virtual boyfriend, Sergio" I reviewed a few years back. You can read my amusing diatribe here.  Apparently Sergio is no longer on the market.  Did he get virtually married?! LOL!

Needless to say, my interactions with Sergio were, to say the least, limited despite his supposed AI capabilities.

Where do you think the gaming/virtual worlds/social networking/digital media genres will head over the next few years? Will it increasing merge in to one flow of information/interaction as we are now seeing with the advent of FB buttons and connections everywhere, or something more?

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